asbestosAsbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was added to thousands of building materials and products for its tensile strength and thermal properties. When asbestos containing materials are disturbed, asbestos fibers can become dislodged and released into the air. The most common type of asbestos exposure occurs when airborne asbestos fibers are inhaled. Lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis have all been directly linked to asbestos exposure. It is important to test suspect building materials for asbestos prior to demolition or renovation to prevent unnecessary exposure and contamination.

Full Asbestos Survey: A full asbestos survey includes the identification of all accessible asbestos containing materials in a property prior to demolition. Fees vary according to size of property and required sampling protocol. Contact us for an estimate unique to your particular needs.

Limited Asbestos Survey: A limited or component specific asbestos survey is a survey limited to specific areas or building materials. This type of survey is performed prior to demolition or remodeling of specific areas of a structure. “Make sure to give Enviro a call before tearing into that old wall!”

Federal, state, and local laws and regulations dictate the specifics of the testing, abatement, and disposal of asbestos. It is important that only state certified individuals perform any asbestos related work. All asbestos surveys are conducted by certified Enviro technicians in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.