LeadLead is a heavy metal that was used for many building purposes, but most notable is the use of lead in paint. Lead-based paint was available to the general public until  1978 when it was banned for residential use. Children are most susceptible to lead poisoning because their developing brain and central nervous system are especially vulnerable to the toxicity of lead. Child lead poisoning can occur when children crawl or play on contaminated surfaces and subsequently ingest or inhale harmful lead dust. Adult exposure is most common during demolition or renovation when large amounts of lead dust are created and control measures have not been taken. Exposure among adults can result in reproductive complications, joint and muscle pain, blood pressure, nerve disorders, and trouble concentrating and memorizing.

Full Lead-Based Paint Survey: A full lead-based paint survey includes the identification of lead-based paint in a property prior to demolition. Samples are collected in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Limited Lead-Based Paint Survey: A limited or component specific lead-based paint survey is a survey limited to specific areas or building materials. This type of survey is performed prior to demolition or remodeling of specific areas of a structure. “Make sure to give Enviro a call before tearing into that old wall!”

Federal, state, and local laws and regulations dictate the specifics of the testing, abatement, and disposal of lead. It is important that only state certified individuals perform any lead related work. Certified Enviro technicians collect samples in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.