We are a licensed and bonded general contractor/mold remediation company that has been working with property management companies for 17 years. We have had Enviro Diagnostics test many of our mold remediation jobs through several property management companies In Orange County.

Enviro Diagnostics is always professional. They always do the job on time and they get results and reports out as soon as possible. We are always happy when the property management company uses Enviro Diagnostics to test our containments because we know that they will be thorough which protects us and their client (association). Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Kim Dotter
Director of Operations
Spectrum Property Services, Inc.


Clean Air for Kids

We moved into newly renovated offices a few months ago. One of the offices had spillage from the air conditioning unit. Mold formed on the ceiling tile. Although the leak was repaired and tile replaced, I was apprehensive about occupying the office.  I called Enviro Diagnostics and made an appointment for the following week. The technician, was very professional. He showed up on time, conducted a visual inspection and collected samples. I was provided a thorough report in a day or two. I am pleased with the services. It was money well-spent; not to mention what it did to “ease my mind.” Happy to report, there is no mold. Thanks Enviro Diagnostics.

Elaine Morton


I was introduced to Enviro Diagnostics by our general contractor after we had drywall issues from an unexpected water leak.  We had a water heater and a slab pipe leak in our condo, which resulted in a lot of damage to the dry wall. We first had the condo remediated by our general contractor.  Then we hired a licensed plumber to replace the water heater and change our copper slab piping to PEX piping.  We later found out that since our condo was built in the mid 1970’s, the licensed plumber should have hired a company to test for asbestos before they cut the dry wall to install our new PEX piping.

After learning of this issue of possible asbestos contamination in the condo, I called Enviro Diagnostics to ask many questions about the testing process. They were very professional, polite and knowledgeable. One of their consultants came out the next business day to perform the sample testing. He was very prompt in sending in the samples to an independent lab for diagnosis and called me back as soon as the results came back. We tested positive for asbestos in the joint compound. Luckily, the asbestos was not in the drywall itself. Although the levels were low, we did not want to risk having the asbestos in the condo.

We proceeded to have Enviro Diagnostics write up the report to have the unit remediated. Enviro told us we needed to have an abatement company come out to perform a Procedure 5 to remove all traces of the asbestos dust in the condo. After the abatement company was finished with the Procedure 5, the tech was out at our condo again to perform another sample testing to send back to the independent lab.  After each testing, I received the report promptly.

I learned a lot about asbestos and the testing procedures by talking with Enviro. This company was instrumental in helping me through each process of the asbestos clean up. I would recommend Enviro Diagnostics to anyone who needs testing of mold, asbestos or lead. THANK YOU, ENVIRO!

Tina H.


I have been working with Enviro Diagnostics for several years.  Gavin is very responsive and professional.  He treats every case as a priority and always updates me on the status of each project. Gavin makes my job easier as I never need to follow up with him and the homeowners always know what is going on with their homes as he contacts them timely for scheduling. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional company.

Rick Godinez, CMCA
Property Manager – Accell Property Management


We noticed a “musty” smell in my daughter’s bedroom, so I was concerned about mold.  A friend recommended Enviro Diagnostics so I gave them a call.  They were able to come inspect the room the very next day.  The consultant was very thorough, professional, and clearly knowledgeable about mold and moisture problems.  Not only was there moisture and mold in my daughter’s bedroom, but also detected moisture in my son’s bedroom next door.  All my questions were answered, and I was provided with a report, as well as referrals for mold remediation in a very timely manner.

Julie Bishop


Thank you so much for your help. I appreciated your professionalism, integrity, and expertise. Also, thank you for being so quick to come to our house, perform the necessary mold testing and write up the mold report. We will most definitely recommend you to others. We are working on completing your recommendations.  Lastly, thank you for being so generous with your billing. You have been a blessing to our family.

Take care, Tracy
Huntington Beach, Orange County


Thanks for your very clear reports, which bring a lot of relief to us after the prior concerns we had. Your service was very effective, economical, and prompt (all done within 2 days, even during the Christmas holiday season). We very much appreciate having engaged you; you were the consummate professional, with no scare tactics, nor recommendations for costly additional work. I would certainly recommend your services for other homeowners in the Irvine area assessing potential danger from molds.

Sincerely, Paul Z.
Irvine, Orange County


We were very concerned about mold exposure after a water leak in our kitchen and called the experienced professionals at Enviro for an inspection. The quick service and thorough assessment produced an understandable report with recommendations, which was reviewed with us in detail to insure we completely understood the issues involved. Thanks to the pros at Enviro, my wife, Nancy, and I now breathe easier in our own home. We recommend Enviro Diagnostics to all our friends and neighbors. You will like them too!

Rick & Nancy Kapko


I am a water damage and mold removal contractor here in Orange County. I have referred this company to our clients on several occasions to provide mold testing and mold inspection services. I have always heard back from our clients that they are a great company to work with, their mold testing results are always accurate, and the cost for their services are very reasonable. If you are in need of mold inspection, or mold testing services, I would highly recommend Enviro Diagnostics.

Happy Client


Enviro Diagnostics preformed mold testing on a home we recently purchased. There was water intrusion in the crawl space and we were concerned about the indoor air quality. Enviro assessed the water damage and performed moisture testing and air sampling to determine if we were being exposed to harmful, toxic mold. The assessment did not display any elevated mold spores nor the presence of toxic mold. Their technician was friendly, insightful, and answered all of our questions and concerns. We would highly recommend hiring the professionals at Enviro Diagnostics because they are a certified, insured company with reasonable prices and fast turn around time.

Thanks Tim & Ana Johnson