Possible Asbestos Exposure Displaces 15 In West LA
June 21, 2018 at 8:05 am
Filed Under: Asbestos, West LA

We wanted to share a recent clip we found that shows an apartment building that was possibly exposed to asbestos due to not following proper procedures.  As you can see, it’s created quite a lot of activity and tenants and homeowners are becoming more educated and aware of environmental hazards.  See the story here

Friendly Reminders:
– Do not disturb any building materials prior to performing  an asbestos survey
– Avoid potential Procedure 5 situations – don’t let the plumber make any cuts to walls
Why Should HOA’s Test?
Compliance with Local & Federal Regulations (AQMD & Cal-OSHA): strict regulations must be followed to avoid potential lawsuits and fines for non-compliance
Risk Management: limit the liability of your company and the associations you represent
Occupant & Worker Safety: ensure safe living environments for owner and tenant occupants and for contractors performing renovation activities
Enviro’s professional consultation and reporting will protect your management company and homeowner associations from potential lawsuits and fines.