– The main purpose of engaging a certified environmental consultant is to properly identify and address asbestos-related issues in a safe, professional manner. It’s in your best interest to have a certified, licensed (and insured) unbiased third-party consultant to determine what exactly has asbestos content.

– What are the legal aspects of discovering asbestos and removing it? The removal and disposal of asbestos is highly regulated. Local, County and State rules must be followed to avoid fines or breaking the law.


– Prior to any renovations, demo or plumbing issues (cutting of drywall) in properties built before the mid 1980’s.

– However, many cities, as well as the South Coast Air Quality Management District require an asbestos survey report to identify any suspect asbestos materials no matter how old the home is.


– How much does it usually cost?
Generally speaking, a price range of about $490 up to $700 would apply to a normal-sized single-family home/condo. The total cost is dependent on the number of materials to be sampled and the lab fees that go along with it.

– Where is asbestos commonly found?
Asbestos is commonly found in roofing mastic, transite shingles and siding, transite heater flue venting, linoleum paper backing, vinyl asbestos floor tiles and mastic, acoustic ceiling materials, textured surfacing, drywall taping compounds, asbestos plaster, Aircell ducting insulation, HVAC insulation, ducting, taping and wrapping.

– If asbestos is found, how is the asbestos problem fixed?
A certified asbestos consultant will identify what materials contain asbestos in a written report. Next, a DOSH-registered and State-Certified asbestos abatement contractor will determine the best way to handle and dispose of any asbestos-containing material.

– Are there Federal, State or local laws and rules I must follow?
Many cities require asbestos testing and a certified consultant’s report before any remodeling, renovation or demolition activities can take place. Check with your local building departments as well as the Southern California AQMD rules. These are found on the AQMD website.

Give us a call – we are happy to consult with you and find the best solution for you, your company or your HOA.

Asbestos is classified as a cancer-causing substance by State, Federal and International agencies, like the EPA. Several serious health issues can be caused by exposure to asbestos,and some are life-threatening.